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Firefox Offline Installer Free Download

Firefox offline installer 2020 latest version is released and available for free download. Mozilla Firefox standalone installer is compatible with Windows all versions. You can download its full version setup from here. The latest version file is released for the new year. You can also download Firefox browser for Android, and Mac operating system from here.

File Name Mozilla Firefox
Developed By Mozilla Foundation
Latest Version 2020
Compatibility Windows, Android, Mac
File Extension EXE
Updated Last Wednesday
Files Size 64Bit 49.1 MB, 32Bit 47.4 MB

Mozilla Firefox offline installer is an open source web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS operating system. Firefox is one the best web browsers and a best alternative to Google Chrome. It use Gecko layout engine to render web pages. It is initially launched in 2002 under phoenix by Mozilla Foundation. Firefox latest features are incremental search, private browsing, tabbed browsing, download manager, spell checking, smart bookmarks, Geo-location integration, and live bookmarking. It is implementing the latest web standards such as HTML 5, XML, XHTML, MathML, SVG 2, CSS, Javascript, and many more. Firefox is using sandbox security model to secure user’s browsing.

Firefox Offline Installer;

Mozilla Firefox offline installer is a program that allow users to download a full version setup file from internet. It can be installed on any computer without having internet connection. User can save their time through offline installer instead online installer.

Firefox offline installer download

Mozilla Firefox browser is a best alternative to Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet explorer, Waterfox, etc. It helps to browse anything on internet such as text, images, videos, etc. It is free for everyone in the world. The Mozilla Foundation has not set any limitation to use Firefox web browser. It is released an open-source. It is also good for the way users search, the way users work, and the way way users interact on internet.

Firefox web browser is a bridge of interaction among nations, and commerce. It works more flexible than we thought to do. It is more reliable for internet activities, and providing quality services for users. Because the internet is a vast and powerful market. Firefox can help you to get the best needs from internet.

How a Browser Works;

In the modern age, all the users want to access the online services on internet. But it is more important that they should know and understand the powerful tools that to get access. There are numerous web browsers that we use in everyday life. Web browsers are helping through their best to provide the best information for users. These tools are providing the services in seconds that requires months and years before. But the information getting process has become more easier and fast in twenty century. A vital role web browsers are playing behind all these facilities and services.

For example: in few years ago when email services was not available and not in access for every common man then people use various other methods to send information from one place to the another place in the world. The process takes event months to deliver information at the destination, but now through email it can be send in seconds from one corner to the another corner in the world.

A web browser works from both side. In the first side; it gets information from you and the second side; it interrogate and fetch your information at other parts of the web. When one search for information on internet, it read your search and retrieve information from other part of the internet to display accurate information on your screen. It uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol to transfer the information. Hypertext Transfer Protocol is helping web browsers to transmit information on the web.

A web browser fetch data from servers and use rendering engine to translate the information/ data into text, video, or image. All the available data is written in HTML (hypertext markup language) and web browsers can read this code.

Browser Cookies;

A Web browser can save your detail of login through cookies. It saves time while the browsing. On a website you have created an account and logged in. Once you tell the browser to save your information for next time then it will not ask login detail next time. You can save your information in files also known as cookies. and the all the above activity is possible through cookies. These information is saved on your computer and your installed web browser can provide all these facilities for you.


There is also a private browsing setting and private browsing windows in browsers. It helps to secure your browsing information from other users on the same computer. It also secure the identity from other users.

Making a Web Browser More Reliable;

Web browsers are letting the user to add an extension or add-on. Users can modify their experience through it. An extension is software that installed on web browser. It helps to customize or add a functionality to your browser. One can also enable features through extensions. It also allow you to customize display through themes, visual appearance, and add foreign language dictionaries.

The most common functionality about web browsers that developers have in their mind is;

  • Fast and smooth browsing
  • Easy browsing
  • Powerful, easy, and Quick to use

The Firefox developers also works to define the unique features that make it possible to provide people to control over their online lives, global internet, internet is public resource, and accessibility to all. There are various other features that Mozilla Firefox web browser has. You can check them here.

Firefox Features;

  • Free and open-source
  • Best bookmark feature
  • Native look
  • Compatible with all operating system
  • Phishing and Malware protection in a flexible way
  • Add-on manager
  • New download manager
  • Handling streamline
  • Aero Peek Capability
  • Stable security
  • Tabbed browsing feature
  • Private browsing
  • Pop-up block
  • Inline spell checker
  • Session restore feature
  • 3D page inspector
  • Smart bookmark folder, & many more
  • You can read more about features on Wikipedia

Firefox for Mac:

Mozilla Firefox web browser is also available for Mac operating system. A Mac compatible version file has much more features for Mac users. It is free too. One can download it for Mac from here. Firefox browser has enhance search capability and much more features in DMG file. So, point on the downloading link below to get a Mac compatible setup file of Firefox.

Firefox for Android

Mozilla foundation has developed Firefox browser for Android operating system. They have released it as open-source with a collective wonderful features. Firefox APK is compatible with Android. You can download the latest version setup from below here.

Today you can’t live without internet and internet has become the your one of the basic needs. Internet is very helpful, useful, and important thing if you use it properly. We need browsers to access internet and there are so many good browsers like Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, Chrome and many more. In addition to all these browsers, Firefox is one of the best and fast browser.

Firefox Offline Installer Download

Firefox Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox) is a free and open-source web browser which was developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary Mozilla Corporation. It is far better than other web browsers like internet explorer as Firefox gives you a cleaner interface and faster download speeds. It uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.

Using Firefox you can open more pages simultaneously in the form of tabs, which you access by tapping the number icon next to the address bar. This is an  intuitive way to control multiple tabs without filling the screen. In addition to it Firefox supports extensions or add-ons. These extensions and add-ons allows you to power up the Android browser with more functionality. 

What makes it different from other mobile browsers?

Firefox is an amazing and wonderful browser and it is best from all other browsers. It is best just because of its amazing speed and other qualities and features. Some of the qualities which make it different from other browsers are explained as under,

It has the variety of add-ons which is great to customize Firefox. This variety of add-ons improve the web browsing or add social media functions. In addition to it, it has other useful tools which are pre-built in Firefox. These useful tools include, slick bookmarks manager and a start page that will show the top sites you have visited. You can also view the previously cashed pages offline. You can pinch to zoom, or double-tap for a quick in/out view, making page navigation effortless.

It is the one of the main points that makes Firefox the best browser is that it supports for Firefox sync. This sync grants you grants you access to all the bookmarks, history, and running tabs of the desktop version of Firefox, so you don’t have to worry about entering addresses manually.

Furthermore you can send videos to Chromecast and Roku and undo a closed tab by using Firefox. You can also list recently closed tabs, close all tabs at once and there’s a quick switch-to-tab option. 

Mozilla Performs Better for 3D Games

Firefox is faster leaner than other browsers. This means that you can open more tabs without feeling slow down. Web apps and web games perform better, especially 3D games. The browser itself loads faster on launch, and just feels more responsive in day-to-day use.

Firefox is an open source browser and it has complete public roadmap. In addition to it Firefox takes care of the privacy and security of its users. It makes sure that who has access to data and where it goes or could go.


Firefox has amazing and interesting features which make it the best browser and make it different, powerful, and popular from other browsers. Some of the main features of Firefox are listed below,

See What’s Being Blocked

Firefox has the interesting feature that shows you how many data-collecting trackers are blocked with Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Make Your Password Portable

It has lock wise in it and this lock wise makes the passwords you save in Firefox secure and available on all your devices.

Watch For Data Breaches.

Firefox contains Firefox monitor which alerts you if it know your information is a part of another company’s data breach.

Simple And Smooth Browser

Firefox is the best browser and it is very easy and comfortable to use. It makes comfortable ways to use it. Firefox on Android is designed to provide a smoother web browsing experience on your phone.

Operating Systems

Firefox operates on almost every android device. Some of them are listed as under,

  • ARM Devices support Android 4.1+
  • Intel Devices support Android 4.1+ x86 CPU
  • Many more…

Firefox offline installer latest version is available for Windows. It is free to download. The Mozilla corporation has created it in 2002. It has made stability in the market in seventeen years. Now it is unbeatable browser on all operating systems. You can download its EXE file for Windows from here. Firefox offline installer has all the features for windows that a user need in a browser. It is much more better than any other web browser. It has made its own identity in the internet market. Mozilla has reached the top of its popularity in the market. You can follow the given downloading link to start downloading of Firefox standalone installer free.